spotted: thing 1 & thing 2

[march 17th]

Today I saw two little kids who just captivated me. The first was a little African baby in a sling on her mama's back. Randomly shopping in an Italian grocery. The biggest eyes I have ever seen... Searching hungrily in every direction, unfazed & unashamed. When do we lose that fascination & curiosity for the world? It should go without saying that this baby was an angel on earth... Perfect soft dark skin, just a touch of black hair, & a love for her mother that caught my heart. Her parents were just as beautiful. The man, tall & handsome, taking the lead as a gentleman should. Even shopping for food I could see his desire to provide & protect his family. The woman, shorter but healthy & strong, appeared to be brave but gentle. She seemed to know life's hardships firsthand but refused to let it stop her from living onward. She carried her child with no complaint, just saw it as her motherly duty to do so. Family is such a beautiful thing that many of us take for granted. But not them. Everything in this life could fade away but as long as they have each other, it will always be ok. Perfect even. 

The second child I saw was in the Venice Treviso airport with her mom & little sister. From the back she looked like a little boy with her dark clothing, short curly hair, & black riding boots. But then she'd turn her head to the left displaying the small white bow pinning back her soft curls. Her eyes were light blue but the kind that seem to look right into your soul. Probably 5 years old, she carried herself with assurance even I wish I had. She listened to her mother diligently, was responsible for her belongings & even her sister. At the same time though, she was still a young girl, reliant on her mother to guide her while she looked around, taking in the strangers around her. We even attempted to play the hide & seek staring game until she found someone else with funnier face expressions. 

When do we lose the ability to be vulnerable... To trust with everything we have & not regret it? We've become too comfortable in our places behind the masks rather than showing our faces without the paint. I wonder what it would take & how hard it would be to just throw it away & let my heart bleed in front of everyone. Would it be possible? What would they think? 

To be a child... They really are the most mysterious, wise little beings of all. 

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