august 23rd

Creeperrrr picture of the week! I was pretty impressed by this guy's style [the picture does no justice] especially since his girlfriend had no style whatsoever. I'm nice, I know


august 22nd

Because every first day of school requires a picture. And yes, I am in our closet... 



summer, you've been good to me

i hate when summer ends. it's like the feeling you get after opening all the presents on Christmas. now the fun is over & it's time to hit the books again, to get back on a structured schedule, to take life seriously once more. if summer could be bottled, i'd definitely have it in bulk supply.

this summer has been an excellent adventure. after going back & forth between virginia & washington for almost a year, i felt like i lost myself somewhere along the way. coming home for a few months really helped me evaluate myself & figure out who i am [which changes almost daily, but that's why life is such a crazy ride, right?] nonetheless, i had plenty of wonderful, sun-kissed adventures.

1. i went to kauai for ten days with mi familia. i attempted paddle boarding, swam with fish & didn't wear an ounce of makeup the whole time. probably looked like an idiot, but at least i took the locals' signature phrase [hang loose] to heart.

2. i became a concert fanatic. Beyond Moral, The Civil Wars [again!], Red, Lost at Birth, & the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. live music is the best. there are also those screamo moshers, drunks & grungy hipsters to watch out for, but that's only half the fun.

3. i went to two weddings: my cousin Ben & Tracy and junior high friends Jeff & Jenelle both tied the knot this summer. both couples were high school sweethearts... how sweet is that? and i've never seen my cousin happier.

4. i was a nanny by day & elderly server by night. by the end, my name was practically a curse word with how many times a day it was whined by Connor & Nicole because they wanted something, but i still wouldn't trade this job for anything. i also became much more sympathetic toward waitresses. serving people is hard but incredibly humbling & even rewarding. don't worry, Juanita, i'll forever remember you hate bleu cheese.

5. i got addicted to coffee. mochas, to be specific. just another excuse to indulge on chocolate? probably.

6. i baked more cookies [& ate more cookie dough] than i ever have in my life. Italy has turned us into baking pros... hopefully it'll pay off & we can actually turn this dream into a reality.

7. i took economics & passed... barely. i may or may not have picked answers at random on the tests...

8. i drank polyjuice potion & turned into Professor Trelawney for a night. who knew she was such good friends with Bellatrix?!

9. i became the shortest person in my family. Matthew's shoulder is now at my eye level. i think it's safe to say i'm the runt of the bunch.

10. i did a Bible study with the sweetest girls on the planet. they've inspired me to try to live fearlessly & with no regrets.

11. i found out my family is moving. totally unexpected & not exactly desirable, but it will be an adventure in itself. we'll see what happens.

12. i accepted the honor of being co-maid of honor with Mary Ann for Amanda's wedding. let's just say June 23rd will make history.

13. i learned that i don't get sun-kissed but sun-dirt. yes, i actually do tan [though rarely] but it turns into dirt [gross, i know]. guess that means my adventures were sun-dirtied? ah well, it was great either way.

summer, don't forget me... i'll be back again.

palm trees, ocean breeze, salty hair, sun kissed hair. that endless summer, take me there. --unknown

august 16th

Blankets and pillows and cots, oh my
(500) Days of Summer with Erin is why

august 15th

They're lucky enough to call this "backyard"