a friend is a brother who once was a bother

"sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero." --marc brown

yesterday my broski, luke, turned 15. wow does time fly... & do things change. i can still remember my parents bringing luke home from the hospital, so chubby you could barely make out where his head & body separated-- no neck on this boy! we all believed he would become the greatest football player of all time.

luke is five years younger than me which [until now] seems like a wide range. he has played the role of annoying little brother perfectly, calling me names, chasing me around the house, & pacing back & forth in my room touching/picking up everything in sight. naturally, as a neat freak, i... well, freaked.

over the last few years, luke has grown so much & is becoming an incredible person i can only dream to be like. in many ways i look up to him. he is far more mature than any 15 year old i've ever met, continually striving after God's own heart. he's not afraid to call me out on music i shouldn't be listening to or when i'm talking rudely about other people. he doesn't judge others but accepts them as they are yet still remains grounded in what he believes. he refuses to acknowledge all the girls who hit on him & has the most humble, meek personality because of it. he's always down for a game of tennis & tolerates my motherly antics & embarrassing [when in public] hugs.

luke is such a special kid, definitely a rare find. i don't think there's anyone who's met luke & doesn't like him. he is quiet but friendly. there's not a negative bone in his body. he can sometimes be timid, but loves life & sees every day as a blessing. my brother is definitely one of the people i most admire... someday, i hope to be even half as great as he is.

happy 15th birthday, lukester baby boy... i love you.

june 26th

I wanna be like them when I grow up

june 25th

"i'll be praying for redemption
& your note underneath my door"

Fell in love

june 24th

Toy Story clouds


june 17th

Our favorite customers... complete with English accents & old lady charm.


june 7th

Band wannabes [Waimea Canyon]

Nothin' like free coffee for the non-coffee drinkers.


june 6th

People etched their love for each other into these leaves--the entire tree was covered. Simply perfect.


june 5th

Just got to Hawaii & the first thing we do? Go to Costco of course!


june 4th

There's nothing quite like being blessed in a Russian accent.


june 3rd

Grandparents' old duffel bag becomes my vintage hobo purse. booyah. 

june 2nd

Mr. Brown & the mysterious mustache. Enjoyed best with a side of cupcakes.