january 29th

This is who I hung out with today. After the picture, she went and pouted in her bed.


january 26th

School is being canceled because of this. Terrible isn't it?

I wish I could say I took this picture, but it was an advertisement for J. Crew. I'll be the happiest mom ever if my kid is as cute as him. ;)


january 25th

Your lamp is a word to my feet and a light to my path.
--Psalm 119:105

Plus I just like these shoes.


january 24th

Ok y'all. Time for another long post. I took this picture yesterday but I felt the need to post it today because of what God's been laying on my heart the past few days. I took this at One Community Church after the service.

 Yesterday was the last Sunday in a series the church was doing on the beatitudes. The last verse has Jesus blessing those who are persecuted in His name. Now the word persecute makes me nervous (since I prefer to be a wallflower as I'm sure we all do to some degree), so you can imagine how convicted I was when the pastor emphasized how important it is for us to be in the center of God's will (he used the analogy of being in the center of a boxing ring). When we are right where God wants us to be--in the center--we will be an easy target to hit. It's so much easier for Satan and the world to attack us when we're in the limelight--the middle of the boxing ring--than if we're creeping in the corners or on the sides of the boxing ring. But if we're on the side, we aren't fulfilling God's perfect plan for us in its entirety. Peter reminds us not to be surprised when hardship comes our way; that's just a sign that we're doing something right!

As if that isn't enough to think about and get the spirit moving, our convo speaker this morning was from India. He is currently on bail in his country and is allowed only 21 days here in the States. He's helped plant 44 THOUSAND churches in India, leads a Bible institute, and teaches Muslim orphans about Christ (97% of whom become missionaries! Convicted yet?) He's been almost killed 11 times (I can't remember the exact number but it was definitely double digits). Talk about being in the center of God's will! And here I am complaining about getting only six hours of sleep, having too many books to read for school, not having enough pairs of skinny jeans, the list could go on.

If our reason for existing is to glorify God, does any of that stuff even matter? Does it matter whether I wear skinny jeans or sweatpants as long as I'm honoring God with my life? Do I really need to care if I don't fit in with the popular crowd or if someone makes fun of me because I don't drink and party? My life is not my own. I made that choice 16 years ago when I accepted Christ into my heart. So who cares what people think of me as long as I'm living in the center of God's will? Soooo much easier said than done, but I just wanted to put things into perspective.

I wrote way more than I intended... if you made it this far, congratulations, you get a gold star. I hope God speaks to your heart the way He did mine... if we all started living in the center of His will, imagine how different this place would be! Just something to think about today.


january 23rd

We went to a really odd store called Easter Island that has random stuff made all over the world. These are handcrafted wooden bird whistles :)


january 22nd

This flag flew on the USS Cassin at the Pearl Harbor Naval Base! It's hanging in Liberty's library... I did homework next to it for 3 hours ;)

january 21st

Cinnamon Sensation at Macado's restaurant! One of the best desserts I've ever had... I could've totally eaten the whole thing by myself.

january 20th

Special Olympics cheerleaders at the men's basketball game. They were beyond adorable.


january 19th

It is almost 55 degrees today! But it's supposed to snow this weekend. That's Lynchburg for ya.


january 18th

Awkward picture I know, but I love the fact that this guy felt the need to keep Buzz Lightyear hanging out of his pocket.



january 16th

We are white & blurry but we are cool. Batmobile in the hotel parking garage!

january 15th

Pit stop at La Madeleine's in Alexandria. French food, French dessert, French tutorial in the bathroom... it's all great.


january 14th

Yep, I did it.

january 13th

So I promised myself I'd get in bed at a decent hour but as it is already 12:30 and I'm just beginning this post, I can count that as a lost cause.

Today has been a tough day. I don't normally write lengthy blogs, but I feel the need to write down and at least attempt to decipher my whirlpool of feelings. You can stop reading at any time... believe me, I would too.

As I've been getting ready to head back to school on Saturday, I've been thinking over the past month I've been home. So much has happened... many things I didn't expect, both good and bad. I'm honestly dreading going back to school and don't want to leave the comfort of my home and family. But at the same time, I'm ready to be on my own again and see how God will use me this next semester. Funny how we can feel so many opposite emotions at once. I'm so overwhelmed with myself and all that I've been feeling... ah feelings. Who needs 'em? But through it all, God has reminded that He has a bigger plan for me. I know I don't understand it now, but everything that I'm working through is for a much larger purpose. My life may feel like it's spiraling out of control, but God's hand is in everything-- He has TOTAL control. Sometimes I force myself to stop and just repeat that thought in my mind until I calm down. Because no matter how hard I try to fix things, how stressed out I get, or how consumed I become with trying to figure out every puzzle piece of my life, I can sit back and rest assured, knowing that my life is being crafted and designed into a beautiful masterpiece.

That said, I encourage you to stop for a moment in your busy day and breathe a deep sigh of relief... because you don't have to worry! Praise God our lives don't depend on how perfect we are! Sit back and let God do the work... He commands us to cast our worries and concerns on Him, so do it! Let go and let Him.

I know I'm supposed to post a picture for today, but I'm not going to even try to define God's magnificence and glory with one simple picture. Today's picture is whatever you imagine it to be... with God, there is no limit.



january 10th

It really is sad how candy canes go out of style after Christmas.

january 9th

It's no coincidence that the devotional I got for Christmas is titled "God is Faithful." I needed that reminder today.

january 8th

Giant book poster at Barnes and Noble


january 7th

I got to see the Chase kids [family I nannied for this summer] tonight! Connor was giving me a thumbs up with his foot :)


january 6th

Chillin' at the Wake Up Call with my love watching Chuck! Made my day :)

january 5th

These will be the death of me.

january 4th

I helped out at AWANA for the first time in a while & got to see my friend Katelyn who was in my T&T group two years ago! She's a crazy kid :)

january 3rd

I made burritos for dinner... mayyybe had too much fun cutting up the avocado.

january 2nd

My sister was dying without her cup of coffee so she forked over 12 bucks to satisfy her addiction ;)

january 1st

Watching fireworks from the Przyblyski's back deck