november 29th

Gingerbread white chocolate mocha frappuccino
in a cute little cup? for free??
is that even a question. 


november 27th

It's a winter wonderland in Cary, North Carolina
Inside the church at least

november 26th

Travel survival: good read-- In Style, cinnamon gum 
& [unfortunately] biology study note cards


thoughtful thanks & thankful thoughts

i love lists.
and thanksgiving.
so considering we're supposed to mention what we're thankful for today, i've decided to make a list of things/people i'd like to personally thank. genius idea, i know. the creativity just can't be contained!

1] OPPORTUNITIES. life is a crazy ride & to say i'm constantly surprised by what is thrown at me is an understatement. but i've loved every moment of it -- alaska, washington, virginia, & italy to come.

2] HAIR. i'd never thought i'd say it, but i'm thankful for having thick, curly hair. it comes in handy, especially during stressful times when half of it falls out.

3] VEGETABLES. mushrooms & onions & cucumbers, oh my! my 5 year old self would be appalled.

4] FAMILY. was there ever a weirder, crazier bunch? i think not. we're all so different but somehow seem to get along... most of the time. and we like to quote things we find hilarious... over and over and over and ov... ["ohlo?" "um sir, it's hello..."; "i heard about the new mexico trip" ; "good one-- said in russian accent"]

5] PEOPLE. my, are they fascinating. especially the culture & history behind each face. and those accents & languages? i'll never get tired of listening.

6] SPOTIFY. i hate how it eats up my facebook news feed, but legally listening to music i don't have? genius.

7] FIBER. self explanatory...

8] NAIL POLISH. so many colors! so many ways to wear/paint it! what more could a girl want?

9] EXERCISE. being able to work off all the incredible food i eat. so blessed to have a functioning body with minimal limitations & physical problems.

10] JESUS. he is so good to me... far more than i ever deserve. he knows every hair on my head, has written an incredible story for me personally, & died for me so i wouldn't have to. he's changed my life.

what are you thankful for? xoxo

november 23rd

Thanksgiving Eve service
It's been too long since I sang out of a hymnal




november 19th

The best despicables

november 18th

we pretended to be wizards & drank butterbeer at the Three Broomsticks

Hogwarts. The Fat Lady is just as loud in person as she comes across to be
And she really won't let you pass without the password... blast

november 17th

My heart beats for travel

november 16th

drawastickman.com. DO IT. it'll make your day.

november 15th

How good Liberty students celebrate turning 21...  in the alcohol free zone!

november 14th

People don't reject you because you're a Christian, they reject you because you're weird! 
--Francis Chan
AMEN. It's time Christians stopped being so socially awkward 

[finger point toward myself]

november 13th

Serving dinner at the soup kitchen whilst wearing a turkey hat = Reputation lost
Few extra smiles & thank you's from the people = priceless

november 12th

Middle of November & it's 60+ degrees outside
Let the picnics continue!

november 11th

This journal had to come out of a movie... Inkheart perhaps?

november 10th

Tallest pepper shaker I've ever seen
Expect to see one similar on my wedding registry list


november 8th

Operation Christmas child!
Had so much fun picking out things for a tween girl somewhere around the world

november 7th

My 7 year old self died & went to Lisa Frank heaven



november 1st

New corner bistro on campus
Outdoor lamps & lights in the bushes
Flatbread & salads

october 31st

Bought my first pair of legit grandma shoes
they're so thick, you can hear the air coming out with each step
hash tag win.