december 20th

 Luxurious dining at Luxe 
Cranberry turkey croissant & a huge mocha
So good


december 19th

Baking in the name of Christmas
Green food colored footprints were everywhere
[How does that even happen?]

december 18th

Hey, downtown, I've missed you
Let's have a date soon

december 17th

Road less traveled

december 16th

In honor of Matt watching Harry Potter for the first time, I made butterbeer & wizard hat cookies


december 15th

Wayyyyy too early to be up & traveling
Which is a perfectly valid reason to go to Starbucks

december 14th

Waffle House at 12 am with these crazies
Thanks, Lynchburg, for some last Southern hospitality


december 13th

Is it really 60 degrees in the middle of December?
One last picnic to celebrate

Partly because of nostalgia, but mostly because of boredom--
Read through old letters


december 12th

Shipped half my life home in disguise of Starbucks cups
Those bad guys'll never know


december 10th

First ice cream sundae in a long time
First time being escorted to my dorm by a police car
First time seeing 3 movies at the theater in 1 day
Great [or pathetic? still deciding] day with the roomsie


december 9th

Sang Christmas carols for the old folk
Sore throat was worth their smiles


december 7th

What happens when roommates run out of things to watch on
 Netflix & have nothing to do? Photoshoots.
Terrible photoshoots.
Wanna be friends with us? We need friends 
Anddd this is why we don't have any


if you don't like happy endings, this post is not for you. but before you click the little red x in the corner, i will comfort you in the fact that this post has nothing to do with romance. au contraire. curious? then read on, my friends.

this past year has made me realize how wonderful a family i have. not everyone gets along as well as we do, & not everyone disagrees over the stupidest things like us. we look nothing alike to some people yet others think some of us could be twins. there's 7 of us total-- God's favorite number. it's a sign.

strong willed, determined, [cool] geek

First off, is my older sister, Amanda. We've always known she was born to be a writer. And my does she write. Quite excellently, too. She also knows practically everything about social networking & media. She's my "Technology for Dummies" manual.

To talk about Amanda I need to mention the [almost] eighth addition to my family: Mr. Jerod Jarvis. If there were a perfect love story [besides the Princess Bride, of course] it would be theirs. One would think ten years is plenty of time to move on from a junior high crush. But no. Today they are closer than ever & happily engaged... a beautiful example of twu wuv.

creative, dreamer, grounded

My baby sis, Mary Ann, is no longer a baby. She's a babe. Taller than me & the beauty of the fam, she is a killer good listener--one of many reasons why so many people are comfortable coming to her for help. 

Sis & I practically do everything together-- random crafts, late night runs to Wal Mart for chocolate, & obnoxiously singing the Prince of Egypt.
 We find everything hilarious & laugh uncontrollably. Funny how I tried to convince her to run away when we were little... I couldn't imagine life without her now.

compassionate, accepting, goofball

Lukester Baby Boy aka Luke [it's what we called him when he was a baby; don't judge our childlike innocence] has grown up so much in the last few years. It seems like only yesterday he was the chubster of the family, constantly needing attention & annoying me like only little brothers can.

Luke is really mature for his age. He's strong in his faith & refuses to conform. He keeps people accountable without even knowing it, befriends the "unlikeable," & has the perfect punch line for everything. He also has great taste in music & goes running with his slowpoke sis [me]. i look up to him in so many ways.

sensitive, imaginative, intelligent

Matthew's the youngest in the family but surpasses all of us in imagination & knowledge. He remembers the smallest details, quotes Adventures in Odyssey & movie lines in everyday conversation, & knows more about animals than anyone probably cares to hear. He also has quite the collection of stuffed animals-- the newest additions are Craig [Angry Birds pig] & Arthur [a hippo neck pillow].

Matt's always been my little buddy... he held my hand wherever we went & cuddled with me during movies. Now I lean my head on his shoulder & his hand is bigger than mine. He's growing up so much but he'll always be a kid at heart. And his Lego creations? Don't even get me started. 

The Baker family wouldn't even be without these two incredibles: my parents, Glenn & Julie. They've sacrificed so much & have shaped each of us into the [almost] adults we are today.

I've always loved telling people what my dad does for a living because it's so cool; who wouldn't want to be an airplane pilot? My dad travels a lot but is one of the most dedicated dads I know. He brings home souvenirs from his trips & calls every day. Dad is the math brain of the family; he's the reason I passed any math classes in high school. And you can always count on him to provide the corny jokes. We roll our eyes & offer the courtesy laugh, but secretly, we love them.

Some people don't give my mom enough credit because she's a stay-at-home mom. But try doing what she does for a day & you'll realize she is one of the hardest workers in the homemaker & career worlds combined. She's also struggled with health problems for a long time-- but that hasn't broken her love for the Lord or stopped her from [successfully] homeschooling 5 kids. She's usually the one who doesn't get my dad's corny jokes so we have to explain them--and then tease her about it constantly.

I remember times when my family disagreed, hated each other & refused to make amends. But now, I consider them my closest friends. They are the reason I can call a place home, can be thankful for love, can truly be myself. They'll never know how much they mean to me, so I guess this blog post will just have to do.

See, told you there'd be a happy ending. 

"the family--that dear octopus from whose tentacles we never quite escape, nor, in our inmost hearts, ever quite wish to." --dodie smith


december 6th

Designed my own necklace on Anthropologie's website
Too bad it costs way more than my wallet holds


december 5th

Overcame my fear & donated blood today!
Have a blue bandage & t-shirt to prove it

december 4th

The cutest little bug in nursery
She knows sign language
May or may not have made her do every sign she knows
before having a snack


december 3rd

The extent of my day... & it was awesome.

december 2nd

Must sacrifice good picture quality for excellent tunes

the man behind it all: mr Jon Foreman

Tim Foreman, bass player
aka sexiest man alive.
he's also married. bum deal


december 1st

Christmas decorations EVERYWHERE
can't say I'm upset over it
happy December!


november 30th

A huge mug of hot chocolate & Parenthood
make failing a biology test not as bad
[or at least help me forget about it for a while...]


november 29th

Gingerbread white chocolate mocha frappuccino
in a cute little cup? for free??
is that even a question. 


november 27th

It's a winter wonderland in Cary, North Carolina
Inside the church at least

november 26th

Travel survival: good read-- In Style, cinnamon gum 
& [unfortunately] biology study note cards


thoughtful thanks & thankful thoughts

i love lists.
and thanksgiving.
so considering we're supposed to mention what we're thankful for today, i've decided to make a list of things/people i'd like to personally thank. genius idea, i know. the creativity just can't be contained!

1] OPPORTUNITIES. life is a crazy ride & to say i'm constantly surprised by what is thrown at me is an understatement. but i've loved every moment of it -- alaska, washington, virginia, & italy to come.

2] HAIR. i'd never thought i'd say it, but i'm thankful for having thick, curly hair. it comes in handy, especially during stressful times when half of it falls out.

3] VEGETABLES. mushrooms & onions & cucumbers, oh my! my 5 year old self would be appalled.

4] FAMILY. was there ever a weirder, crazier bunch? i think not. we're all so different but somehow seem to get along... most of the time. and we like to quote things we find hilarious... over and over and over and ov... ["ohlo?" "um sir, it's hello..."; "i heard about the new mexico trip" ; "good one-- said in russian accent"]

5] PEOPLE. my, are they fascinating. especially the culture & history behind each face. and those accents & languages? i'll never get tired of listening.

6] SPOTIFY. i hate how it eats up my facebook news feed, but legally listening to music i don't have? genius.

7] FIBER. self explanatory...

8] NAIL POLISH. so many colors! so many ways to wear/paint it! what more could a girl want?

9] EXERCISE. being able to work off all the incredible food i eat. so blessed to have a functioning body with minimal limitations & physical problems.

10] JESUS. he is so good to me... far more than i ever deserve. he knows every hair on my head, has written an incredible story for me personally, & died for me so i wouldn't have to. he's changed my life.

what are you thankful for? xoxo

november 23rd

Thanksgiving Eve service
It's been too long since I sang out of a hymnal