goodbye old friend

well, it's finally over. already over. over all the same. 2011 is gone & with it the dreams, heartache & expectations for the year. through it all i faithfully kept this little blog, taking & posting at least 1 picture a day for the entire year. i have yet to look through each frozen memory all in one sitting, but i know it will be an incredible journey in itself as i relive each & every day from January 1st to December 31st of the grand 2011. this blog was not easy-- some days i struggled to find a picture to celebrate the life i've been given. other times i couldn't post enough; life was bursting through the seams of my soul. but all the same, i am an incredibly blessed individual who may not quite know exactly who she is, but has enjoyed & will continue to love the exploration & adventure of life here on earth. goodbye old friend... here's to hoping for a great 2012.

"Sarah Baker will be taking 365 pictures this year, one each day to celebrate the life I have been given. Happy 2011, everyone" --my Facebook status on January 1st, 2011

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