confessions of a foodie

i love food. it's become more of an obsession, really. everyone who knows me can testify. living in a dorm & being limited to what i can eat/make has made me that much more appreciative & experimental when it comes to making food at home. so, last week i decided to take action & actually make recipes seen on Pinterest & other websites. 

MEAL #1: Cauliflower crust pizza with a nut & fruit salad

topped the crust with grilled mushrooms, onions,
pepperoni & cheddar cheese.

toasted almonds, dried cherries, raspberry vinaigrette.
best. salad. ever.

 MEAL #2: Salmon pinwheels & polenta fries

added cranberries & mozzarella cheese

polenta is like cornmeal. cut up & toast for easy fries!
[great with italian seasoning]

so far, the experiments have been a success. now i just need to work on presentation--making the food look as good as it tastes. happy eating! 

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